Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner



  • With 4 optional suction heads: Microcrystalline head, Large size circular form probe, Small size circular form probe, Special oval head.
  • Microcrystalline head: The probe with microcrystalline particle has large surface area and with high adsorption. In the condition of not hurting skin, this probe can massage and exfoliate skin. Suitable for any area on face, except around the eyes.
  • Large size circular form probe: Suction is strong, for oil and blackhead have a significant effect. Can lift and massage skin, stimulate the blood and lymph circulation. Suitable for any area on face, except around the eyes.
  • Small size circular form probe: Suction is weak, it can be used to clean pores. Suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.
  • Oval head: Stimulate micro circulation to operate, lifting and massage skin, prevent the growing of fine lines. Suitable for eyes, nose, mouth and other parts.

Package content (Pack in safe bubble bag, no box):

Microcrystalline head*1
Large size circular form probe*1
Small size circular form probe*1
Oval head*1
USB cable*1
User manual(English)*1


1.This product as a beauty equipment, before use, suggest to apply face with hot water or steam face fumigation, and then used with this product, to achieve better results.
2.When using, you need to move it back and forth to use, can not stay in the same place for more than 2 seconds.